​​​​Gorgeous MedSpa

​​​​Gorgeous MedSpa


We opened our doors on Feb. 5, 2013 with a couple of estheticians, some products, a massage therapist and our first "Hey Gorgeous!"  greeting.  We ran a Groupon for our whole body vibration and infrared sauna (shake n bake) and we were off...

Things sped up really fast as our shake n bake gained popularity.  We offered a spa package with Groupon and we became even more busy.  But as things change, so did we.  We have adjusted to the needs and interests of our clients, brought on new products and services and continue to evolve to this day.  I, personally, have always been proud of what my little spa has accomplished.  My staff and I work hard to keep our commitment to impeccable customer service.  But it's our clients who have become our friends that make this business worth working for.  It's such an amazing feeling when together we are able to achieve your goals, regardless if your personal goal is to improve your skin, health or just get rid of unwanted body hair.  We want to give you the best possible service using the best products and equipment that we can.  And even though we are here to provide for our families in a financial way, it's such a immeasurable reward to be the shoulder you cry on, the neck you hug, the one you share a laugh with or the one you confide in.  This little wellness spa "could" have been just another massage mill or place you go for a gift certificate.  But we are so proud that we are so much more.  We are YOUR classy little wellness medspa and we love that!  

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